About us


Special translations

Key technical fields:

Machine industry, metalworking, automotive industry, warehousing, logistics, transportation, forwarding, technical design, and workplace safety.


Typical technical translations:

Certificates, operation manuals, technical specifications, instruction manuals, quality control documents.


Key commercial, economic and legal fields:


Marketing, market research, accounting, customs, company law, transportation.



Typical commercial, economic and legal translations:

Company introductions, company documents, banking documents, reports, balances, contracts, statements, customs documents, accounting documents, tenders.

General and private translations

Certifications, official documents, letters, advertisements, general written and voice media texts, learning materials.

Format of translation

The translation is edited, if possible, identically with the source text, or editing according to the client's demands is also available. The client receives the completed translation in the required format (e-mail, fax, floppy disc, CD, printed, bound or notarized.

Simple editing work associated with the translation is included (e.g. inserting some images & captions). In case of translation projects of larger volume, continuous projects or framework contracts customized rates are applicable.